What is Gigme?

On-Demand Task Services

Buying back your time has never been more important than it is today. With Gigme, you can simply post any chore or task you need done, and one of our Gigsters will be over to take care of it. From being restricted on time, physical restrictions, laziness, or lack of equipment; our service providers are happy to help you get things done. 

Interested in working with Gigme?

Gigme is a great platform to make money on YOUR time. No need to be attached to a schedule. Simply sign up to be a Gigster, complete a background check, and you are off to making money whenever you want!

Common Things People Use Gigme For

Need Computer Help?

Our Gigsters Can setup wi-fi, printers, social media pages, complete Excel spreadsheets, write up reports, complete PowerPoint presentations and more!

Chore Help - Around the House

Our Gigsters are perfect for help with yard work, waste removal, organizing, cleaning, taking care of your pets; just to name a few! We also know Gigsters that can handle large item pickup/delivery. 

Furniture Assembly

Let us help connect you with someone who can build furniture in no time. No bolts left behind!

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If you have an apple device, download our App to get things done at the touch of the button!

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