Gigme Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy as of 4/4/2018


Gigme Privacy Policy – 4/4/18

This Privacy Policy is an agreement between Gigme (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company”, “Platform”) and our Users (“You”, “Your”, “User”). This Policy is considered part of our Terms and Agreements and by using the application, you are agreeing and acknowledging that you accept our Privacy Policy. 

Personal Information

Gigme acquires and retains personal information of User. This information and data may be used to identify or contact you. This information includes, but is not limited to, your name, geographic location of device or computer, address, telephone number, IP address, bank account information, credit card information, tax information, email address, and photos. Only the information you voluntarily input on the Gigme platform will be retained. By registering for an account, you choose to opt-in to any communication and promotions company transmits or oversees. 


By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you agree that Gigme may retain information to the websites you visit. A “cookie” is defined as a small text file created by a website that is stored in the user’s computer either temporarily or for that session. Cookies provide a way for the website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences. 

Device Information

Device information can also be collected by Company for data purposes. This includes IP address, computer and phone type, unique device ID, operating system, internet browser, and usage on the Gigme platform. We may utilize this information for all business purposes as we see fit. 


We may collect any information needed to identify a user. This information can be requested at any time for usage disputes or business reasons by Gigme personnel. This information includes, but is not limited to, Date of Birth, Taxpayer ID number, Personal home or business address, and photo identification (request only). 

Financial Information

For payment and payouts to service providers (contractors), we may collect information such as, but not limited to, Name, Address, Credit Card Number, Bank Routing Numbers, Tax ID numbers, and other financial information required for Gigme to complete transactions. 

Usage of Information

Gigme uses information for business reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to: 

- All advertising activity

- Market research

- Text messaging

- Cell phone numbers

- Financial information

- Analytics

- Platform usage times

- Third Party partnerships

Who do we share your information with? 

By signing up and using Gigme platform, you acknowledge that Gigme may share your information with various third-party agents. These include: 

- Service providers or (“Workers”, “Contractors”)

- Advertising Partners

- Professional Contractor Partners

- Identity/Background Check Partners

- Third Party Services for Payment Processing

- Third party Support services for customer satisfaction

- Survey Companies

- Other Users

Legal Obligations

By signing up for the Gigme Platform, you acknowledge that Gigme does have an obligation to share personal information and user generated content with all legal authorities if required to do so by subpoena or warrant. This information will be released if we are required by law to release the information. Gigme can release and submit information by user generated content at our discretion if we are suspicious of illegal activity on the platform. 

Business Affiliates

By signing up for the Gigme platform, you agree to allow Gigme the right to transfer, sell, and distribute all information collected by Gigme. This information can be sold and transferred in the event of merger, joint venture, acquisition, or issuance of company stock/assets to another organization or company. 

Opt In/Out

Gigme will send communications in various ways. You may opt out of these communications at any time by unsubscribing or unfollowing. By signing up for Gigme, you acknowledge that you are opting-in to any future communication from Company. 


Gigme protects your account information through password protection so that only you and Gigme staff have access to your account information. You are responsible in entirety for your password. We do encrypt your password and you are able to reset it at any time if you believe your password has been compromised. 

We do not and cannot guarantee that your data transmission over the internet is 100% secure. However, we do our best to keep your information as safe and secure as possible. 

Gigme IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any liability that could come from information submitted by user. 


If you do not understand any section of this Policy, you may contact Gigme directly for clarification at 314-973-2886 or

User Eligibility

To use Gigme, you must be a US Citizen and eligible to work in the United States. You must also be at least 16 years of age or older and have a valid tax ID number.