Terms and Agreements

Terms and Agreements - Gigme - 4/7/18



These terms and agreements create legal binding document between User and Gigme and all related technologies or affiliates of Gigme. This includes, but is not limited to, official Gigme website (www.gigmegigs.com), the Gigme iOS application, and all future product launches or releases under the Gigme name. 

By using the Gigme platform, you acknowledge that you understand this agreement and any rules around dispute resolutions. If you do not accept these terms, you are not allowed to use the Gigme platform in any fashion. 

By agreeing to these terms, you also confirm and acknowledge that you have read and agree with Gigme’s Privacy Policy

Terms, service, conditions, include the following: 

- There are NO WARRANTIES for any work performed by a user. 

o This includes equipment provided by either user. All equipment is “as-is” and there is no liability for equipment breakage or harm that comes from inadequate equipment. 

- Gigme is not liable for any injury or damages that occur from a relationship developed between you and other users on the Gigme Platform. 

- The platform is “as-is”. 

- You agree that Gigme DOES NOT supervise, direct, or mange any contractor’s work. Gigme does not train or manage in any form and is not responsible for any related disputes between two users based on work performance. 

- You agree that the “Poster”, or person requesting work on the Gigme platform, is responsible for all hiring decisions including judgement of how qualified a worker or contractor is. 

- You acknowledge that a Gigster, or service provider, does not have a professional certification to complete some skilled labor positions. YOU MUST BE SMART ABOUT WHAT WORK YOU POST. 

- You acknowledge that Gigme is in no way responsible for training service providers on the Gigme platform. 

- You waive Gigme from any liability from work and content claims or disputes between users. 

- You consent to claim anything against Gigme are on only an individual basis. 


The Gigme platform is a technology communications platform which allows approved individual users to create content that connects two parties (user to user). If you decide to agree to details of a Gig with another user, you and such user form a service agreement between the two of you. Gigme is not involved with these service agreements other than being the platform to host the Gig information and a way for the Independent Contractor to find work. It is also a platform for both parties to manage such gigs between the two users. 

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that all workers on the platform are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS and that Gigme does not employ any service providers as full time employees. 

You also acknowledge that Gigme does not supervise, train, instruct, or manage independent contractors nor do we tell them in what manor a Gig needs to be completed. The poster is responsible for all training or direction of how a contractor would need to complete the individual gig posted. 

Gigme also has no control or oversight of the quality of work completed by worker for user. 

Other things that Gigme has no oversight or control over are scheduling conflicts, performance of user, job clarity (description), legality, failure to provide, integrity of user, qualifications of user, omissions by user, timeliness or accuracy of posted Gigs. 


At Gigme’s discretion, users can be removed from the platform for any reason. By agreeing with these terms, you acknowledge that your account can be shut off at any time by Company. 

Users applying to become contractors may be subjected to additional vetting such as background and drug testing along with ability to work legally in the United States. 

By agreeing to terms, you agree that Gigme platform can randomly check background and ask for a drug screen at any time. 

While the Company can check background at any time, they are never required to do so and cannot confirm each user is the person they say they are. Therefore, Gigme platform is not responsible for any misrepresentation of a user and is NOT LIABLE for any damages, harm, or illegal activity that comes from misrepresentation of a user. 

You acknowledge you are responsible for interactions with other users that you do not know. 

GIGME IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ONLINE OR IN-PERSON CONDUCT OF USERS OF THE PLATFORM OR THE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THEM. You agree to herby release Gigme and Company affiliates from any liability related thereto. Company will not be liable for any claim, damages, injury (including death), harassment, or other illegal activity that may arise from interactions with another user. 

In addition, there are NO WARRANTIES by Gigme of work completed from meeting another user on the Gigme platform. 

By agreeing to these terms, you agree that you are authorized to approve all work or services completed at address of Gig and on the account that you post. You also authorize you are of legal age to enter a binding legal agreement. If you enter this agreement for a Company, you agree you are the authorized user of such company and have the decision-making power to post on the Gigme platform to represent such company.


Gigme users and independent contractors seek each other to complete a task or chore (a “Gig”). Payment for gig services through the Gigme platform is charged by the Gigme platform to the user (Poster), and then Gigme then releases money to the independent contract after both parties agree that work is completed. 

- Each party has a 24-hour window to dispute completion of a gig after one party has marked a Gig completed. If no action is taken, money is automatically released after 24 hours. 

All completed Gig disputes will be handled between Gigme staff and Users for such Gigs where one party marks Gig completed and the other user does not.

While refunds can be given at Company discretion, Company must determine that there is good reason for a refund and IS NOT REQUIRED TO REFUND ANY MONEY CHARGED by the Gigme platform. 

You acknowledge that Gigme uses a third-party payment processing company named Stripe and that all your credit card information is held with them and not with Gigme. 

All independent contractors will be required to have a payment application on their phones to receive payment OR they can choose to opt-in for checks. All Contractors will be responsible for taxes incurred from completed work on the platform. 

Release of Liability: 



This Platform is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You must be smart about who you interact with on the platform and what content you post or apply to. You herby indemnify, and hold harmless Gigme, its directors, officers, employees, agents, licensors, attorneys, independent contractors, Gigsters, affiliates, Posters, and any other stakeholders of the Gigme platform.