Becoming a Gigster

Becoming a Gigster is easy. First, download the app. Second, sign up and choose "I want to work gigs". From there, we will contact you directly to get you setup. 

Worker Classification

As a Gigster, you will be considered an independent contractor. Meaning, you are responsible for your own tools/equipment, you make your own schedule, and you simply use the platform for finding work when needed. 


Making money is easy. Apply to gigs that you think you would be good at completing and then complete them. We will pay you as quickly as possible. Gigme does take a 20% service cut for bringing work your way, but that is still WAY better than our competitors who take 30+ percent. 

Do I need to pass a background check?

Yes, you will need to pass a background check to be allowed as a service provider on Gigme. Safety is our number one priority for all of our customers so this is required. 


Because of your independent contractor status, we do want to iterate that you would be liable for any damages that occur during a Gig. With that being said, we strongly encourage you to only select gigs that you know you would be great at.